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La Oveja Perdida

How will everything be all right again

What to say to ones problems?
Recently, someone came to me and asked - due to a desperate
situation she was in - to give her a useful but effective prayer formula.

I prayed with this person when suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me
to tell that person, speak to your problems:
"I am a friend of God."

She stared at me and said in a loud voice:
"I am a friend of God."
Wow, I am a friend of God. That's effective!
She repeated and repeated these words, got up and
left to go home, however, relieved and inspired.

Even I had received a message that grabbed me and
didn't let go of me.

A message that I would like to share with you, too.
Tell your problems, all of them, that you met Jesus and that
you are a friend of God.

I could not let go of that thought. The greatest thing that can
happen to a man in his life is that he becomes a friend of God.

SInce that day, I keep repeating: I am a friend of God.
Both of us stick together, God does not abandon me.
He is my good friend.

Whatever happens to me, I'll simply say: God is my friend.

I tell the difficulties that want to strike me: God is my friend.

As soon as they hear that God is my friend, they get terrified
and disappear and hide as fast as they can.

I am flabbergasted, how this works.
I only have to confess courageously, in speaking aloud, that God
is my personal friend and life immediately treats me differently.

I meditated about this today and God spoke to me:
"Just profess that you belong to Me and I will profess that I belong to you.
Tell all your adversaries, that you are My friend and all of them will flee
from you and will abandon their evil plans against you.
My child, as long as I am your friend they will have nothing at all
to harm you. "When I AM for you - nothing can be against you",
said to me the Lord.

All I have to say, that I am God's friend...that's all. Right away it
continues. Right away God's angels, surround me and I am amazingly
surrounded "by the powers of good", and right away all is well again.

Isn't that also something for you to treasure?
Why don't you just say...."I am a friend of God!"
* Say to your problems - I am a friend of God
* Say to your illness - I am a friend of God
* Say to your worries - I am a friend of God
* Say to your temptations - I am a friend of God
* Say to your fears - I am a friend of God
* Say to your doubts - I am a friend of God
* Say to your adversaries - I am a friend of God
* Say to your weaknesses - I am a friend of God
* Say to your needs - I am a friend of God

It is great to be a friend of God.

Alienate yourself as God's friend, and comfort yourself,
in turn, with God's friendship.

Your world around you should see, that not you are
their friend, but God is.

That will shock them and will instill respect before them.
Become aware that wherever you are "I am a friend of God."

God bless You

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis (see the english menu)

I am planning in the end of August a preaching tour to Congo (Africa).
* Who has more good contacts to there?
* To good churches, preachers, etc.
Please let me know.

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