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Prophetic Words and Insight
Welcome to page 6

Page 6: 6/16/07 - 8/31/07
Page 5 ending 6/15/07

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May each and every one of you receive the special blessing of anointing upon your hearts and minds and a refreshing of your inner man.
May the blessings bring forth a conformity of Christ Jesus.

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Those who have done wrong - know it.
They are trying to hide by keeping themselves busy

See this prophetic word Here


Churched people "People in buildings".
People, what papers have you signed?
What have you agreed to?
Who is your head?
Who will you follow?
These questions you will answer in the coming days.


God told me. God told me.
Thus sayeth the Lord.
In truth few truly hear!
Truly hear, Pure Sure Now Words.
Enter your closets and come seek Me.
I do speak to Mine. It will cost you to hear, it will cost all of Man to hear Me.


Christian, complain Not!!! Get up and really do My commandments. Really live the New Testament Lifestyle; therein you will see My power return.


America, you will Not be destroyed.
You will go through fire.
Come out of Babylon, that you partake not of the plagues.
Read MY Living Epistles that you may start a new chapter.
Hear the truth spoken by the remnant.
Come out and become part of the remnant.

stand up, stand up for Jesus - Ye soldiers of the cross.


The falling away has allowed the wolves in sheep's clothing to rise(to prominence)and for the SOON revealing of the man of perdition, all is ready.


I see men addicted to their visions, addicted to hallucinations(many are actually on drugs). There is the real which comes from perpetual abiding in Yahshua. Perpetual submission, perpetual obedience, perpetually wanting only that which is born of God. Be sanctified. Make they life a living sacrifice Holy and acceptable to the Most High.


Most in the world have been set up. Set up by using the fleshly desires. So many forms. So many isims. So many deluded. The king of Babylon rules.

Who will come out of her?
Who will come out of Babylon?
Understand, the setup is to destroy you.


Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden
ALL such things Hidden in the innermost recesses shall be exposed and dealt with. I Am cleaning house! As long as the day is This Day, so shall it be.
Not unto those seeking rightly, for theirs shall be Love rains, showered down to cleanse away all uncleanness.

Hidden to most but seen by The Most High, and for unjust judgments and actions upon My people; By those who call themselves by My name, you shall get just retribution.
As you have truly sown, so shall you reap.

Did I not say that This Day I come to judge the earth, and did I not say that I would begin in My household?
Even with those in high places, even with positions? You have gotten by with your hidden acts for so long that you actually thought that you were now doing rightly.

Now you again want to look good in others eyes so as to not repent,
I tell you the Truth;
I will do awesome matters, which you do not expect, I will come down and even your mountains will shake before Me!

I will make My Name known to My adversaries, so that nations will tremble before Me.

You have not heard nor have you perceived by the ear, nor has your eye seen any God besides Me, who will NOW act for those who have waited for Me.

I will meet him who rejoices and does righteousness, who remembers Me in My ways.


Many of MY called ones are choosing to not see. Because of this you have come under a religious spirit and can not even think for yourselves. This will be a great shock to the religious world who think to be in a good place, all the while living a life of ease and comfort.
This was your choosing and a harder time will be ahead for those who continue in this way, or take the Mark!
There has been much intercession on your behalf, but you have rebelled again. These prayers will NOT go unanswered, but for you they will not be as pleasant as you think. Weeping and wailing, and all for what you thought was good. Choosing to see from the eyes of man, but I even gave the evidence that any man can see!!! You DO NOT WANT TO SEE!!!
And therefore the day will come when I will not see right away when you call unto Me, The True One. As you have done, so shall you reap. For awhile, if you continue in seeking My face and not fall away, I will again turn and accept your offering of prayer and thanksgiving.

For those of you who have stood and see, and can not understand why they have chosen this route, be comforted, your prayers have not only been heard, but you will see a broken and humble people that will NOT turn away again unto any other loves. My dealings art Just and they are Sure.


(could add a dream in here, but will only say - SOON!

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
what the Lord has for those who Truly love Him.

And Most eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, What the Left Hand of God has for those who do not truly love Him.

According to your faith, it shall be done.
According to the standard you serve, it shall be done.
According to the truth to your state of being, it shall be done.


Walk through My Judgments and with a joy set before you endue each in it's order. Appropriate and endure each step that you might learn and pass to the next judgment step so as to know the perfection, power and glory in Yahushua.
The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the whole person. Ps. 19:7a


The heart land is SO perverted now - the take over from there so pervasive.
This does not mean what you think! Though it does surely apply.

Repentance for sight is necessary or see the meaning later, THIS you will understand!


There are those in very high places who will keep the bubble alive until they see fit to bust it for their own gain. Financial included but not the only reason.


My Friends
I fulfilled the Law by walking through the judgments. In so doing the Holy Spirit was sent to now help you accomplish the pattern I set. Through a heart filled with love for Truth and obedience to that Truth you too are now able to obtain to your full created purpose.
In this My dear friends, ye shall become of My family and shall share then not only of My sufferings on THIS side, but also in the Glories that fallow.
his is not an easy task to the fallen soul but easier to those who choose to agree with Truth and therein find the enemy with a lesser pull on your soul till it be totally in agreement with Truth, Totally save. The REST is easy, for it be ALL of ME that finishes the job.


I will come with lightening. I will come with wind.
It is blowing even now, seek ye out from the book of life and see not if I allow such manner as has been seen upon this earth without punishment. You will see springtime in the harvest. A final conclusion to these days you call the end times.
I have seen and I have heard, the cries of My people who forsake not My love and unity, no matter what others say, think or believe.
The coming time will surely do a cleansing work.


Pathfinders, Pathfinders, far and few between.

All for money all for gain are those who seek after another god, all the while calling My name.
Tables of plenty, tables of gain, all shall be turned over and over again.
High towers are coming down, look and see. Future events unfold before your very eyes.

Humble, broken, splattered before your alters you have lain up. Who can discern, who can dispel.
From the heavens they come to reek havoc upon mans ways and thoughts that be not in keeping with Me and My Word.

Ready yourselves now, and be made clean!

That which is going on undercover is unseen by those fast asleep.

This will blow away the MIND CONTROL -
This HAS Begun!!!!!

I have said that this be a statute for Israel and an ordinance of the God of Jacob that Joseph was ordained a savior of the age, as a testimony when he went out over the land of Egypt. This word has paid it's price and it too be for now in this latter time.

My people are dried up and famished and yet you continue in your own stubborn will so as to follow your own counsels. You judge unjustly and show partiality. If you would have but truly come before Me so as to walk in My ways, I would have fed you from the finest that comes forth from the Rock. These words I now speak, you do not understand for you have walked in darkness too long and have called it light.
You see the darkness as light for your complacency has brought you much satisfaction and earthly treasure. You do not see that all the foundations of the earth are shaking.

Arise Oh Lord and show Thy hand.
Use all that be in harmony with You.


There was a word sent out today called:
Prophets for profit or prophets to advance His Kingdom?

I didn't even get past the first paragraph and here was my response back.
I tell you, the Spirit of the Lord is angry with a righteous anger.
Not just those who profess to be prophets, but with all those whom the Lord has called and they have turned their backs on Him , and all for money.
Being marked with the mark that is NOT of the Lord!!!!
They see not that they are LUKEWARM and they are VOMIT!

As I was in intercession for this very thing today, I perceived that most all of them can not see this, they have gone that far off the path of the Lord and HIS ways, appearing to be righteous, but all with good morality that stinks to the high heavens - man out of mans flesh - playing God and the work of the Holy Spirit within, saying inwardly, Look what I did, Look what I can do, I I I I I I

He says: How do you think this smells to Me? You have created unlawfully!

Amen to the word, I had to finish reading it, I only got to the first paragraph when i had no choice but to respond.

Do a quick speedy and thorough work Lord! amen


Problems can not be solved by the same standard, ways and means of fulfilling that standard that has caused the problems of today.
A new standard and way of walking be Most needful. The standard, The way truth and life, has all the answers but today most still find this standard unwanted. See if thou thinketh the same in 3 years.


on separate page:
What's Revival

Here it comes, hold on.
We tried to warn others but they instead thought it was us.
I guess all will find out!

Yes satan winds are blowing,
America agreed to planned obsolescence, (agreed to because of money) now the spirit of planned obsolescence has been turned around on America.

You could easily say, what I saw was like the hand of God(His protection) removed.


The trumpet Bloweth!!! Grab a hankie

Thus saith the Most High; He that is Holy, He that is True; He that holdeth the seven stars in His hand. Behold, O people of My Church! The Mighty One would speak unto thee with a warning....




Beloved flock who obeys My command, I come quickly and My reward is in My Hand; but first the fire of testing to prove every man's work to see what sort it is. If and man's work abide in the fire, he shall be rewarded. Whosoever's work is burned shall suffer loss. (1 Corinthians 3:13-15) Behold! Seven Years of My Trying ensueth. YEA, THE TRIBULATION PERIOD BEGINS TO TRY EVERY MAN, BOTH CHRISTIAN AND HEATHEN, JEW AND GENTILE, OF EVERY RACE THEY SHALL BE. SET THY FACE TO KNOW ME, FOR ONLY IN THIS WAY SHALT THOU SUCCEED! O MAN OR WOMAN HEED MY WORDS, FOR MY TRUMPET BLOWETH TO CALL FORTH THE FIRST OF MY TRIBULATION VIALS! EVEN SO, AMEN! SAITH HE THAT IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE, AND NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IS IN HIM. SELAH!

(Selah means I invite you to think or ponder on these things carefully) Jere. 23:30

Quiet and still, quiet and still, just let My Glory come and fill. I Am in you deep and sure, let Me surge you, rush and purge, quiet and clean in and through.
You are wholly mine, a process slow but sure, Fell My Love. I Am in you.
Constant pressure, it can not come through.
Solid as a Rock, I made you, sure to be true to My Holy Word.
Listen in quiet in ALL that you do.
Take a breath, for I Am with you.


The eagles are to soar high, fly high.
The enemy is trying to clip their wings.


see vision - 52 card pick-up,
on dreams and visions page 4,
dated 7/1/07.


The written Word keeps re-iterating the same thing over and over, but in different manners and fashions, WHO SEE???


God is hovering over us and about to break through.
The false god is hovering over his too.


It's the little nothings that hear Me.
the big prophets are leading people down a slippery path.


Word given for a prayer meeting:

I hear , when will revival come? We cry come Lord Jesus. People. there have been many revivals and none have lasted
for leaven has kept them from producing the peace necessary
which comes from establishing righteousness. When I,
Lord of Lords, truly rule in hearts then their be the
peace of the kingdom on earth. The Holy Spirit has
faded as people(christians?) have grown more carnal in
thought and action. I see most leaders excusing themselves
from any responsibility for this and instead use good acts
and miracles not even from Me as an approval from Me.
I DO NOT APPROVE. The lesson here? Lay all down.
Can you do that? Become Living Epistles by walking
in My footsteps. Can you do that? Have all in common
with the true brethren. Can you do that? Right now if there be a change-disobedience to obedience-
KNOW, it is late obedience. KNOW, if you continue to pray
and yet do not change your ways so as to be truly obedient
servants you will learn your lessons by being disinherited.
But joy. There are a few that have done just as Thee
Word has said. Their obedience is not late but timely and surely in their intercessions they have paid debts for others. Now all listening to this, it is your turn to really do My word. Get real. For I tell you most today come short of the grace of the Most High God. I see bitterness and envy multiplying everyday and this has not only
defiled ones but one comes short of the birthright.
America get real.


Vision with word
see Here
same date


Oh man, I AM setting up My government. I AM putting all in order. And that ORDER is now being prepared. What shall be and now is, is not yet seen. My government is independent of secular and religious traditions of man, it is based upon divine law and is dispensed from Zion above.

Who shall it be that shall AdMinister? Many men today are using "acts, gifts, and miracles from what some call an open heaven to demonstrate their right to rule and reign - to care for the earth. These are not actions that qualify one. Land owership is conditional upon obedience. For inheritance one must fulfill the provisions of the law as prescribed according to the New Covenant. If you have refused instructions from the Lord, if you have said in your heart to My true seers - you must not see visions and if you have said in your heart to My true prophets - you must not prophecy to us what is right, but rather that which tickles our ears; are you not false and disqualified? If you have not been and continue to be purged, purified and refined even through many a firey trials, are you worthy to rule and reign? To be sons of the kingdom?
You have read, "But to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ," that is experiencing the sufferings of Christ. 1 Peter 4:13, Phil.3:7-21

When did this way stop?! Know ye not that herein be the Holy Way of creating overcomers and it be hereby the Spirit of Glory and of God to rest upon these and conform and literally transform - transfigure the outward physical to that which already be that inward. Through these sufferings in Christ one gains TRUE understanding of matters, one knows the source of it and it's end and what be in between. These be the "Tried Stones" -"True Ones" of the line of Abraham according to the Spirit. My favor doth surely rest upon these in Zion above.

Truly blessed are these who do His commandments for they have the right to the tree of Life and may enter into the Holy City. KJV Rev. 22:14

When a new name (new authority) be given these who are now in waiting, now being bound together in unity with the Holy Spirit bonding agent of perfectness, their true nature shall be known. These shall be known as virgins - ones with out leaven and as having a sound mind and there by prophecying clearly. These shall manifest the true Spirit of Christ so as to raise up the Kingdom of God. Through these ones the restoration of all things shall come for it is mandated by The Creative Word of God. Not through submitting to men and their systems but by having the mind of Christ. These shall be Peace Makers - Not Peace Keepers - But Peace Makers.
1 Col.3:15 Truly dependent upon Christ in all things.

When this occurs the world will know My love and shall then distinguish between the low, futile, false,counterfeit and the presence of the Divine Ark.

All Holy Waiters pray that you will be numbered amongst the firstfruit. For each shall come in , in their own order.


Through many man made laws the secular is trying to care for the earth - rule and reign. The Lord says that this is an illegitimate child.

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