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La Oveja Perdida

July CHAT Pg 2

July 25 2011
I really don't know right now, what all and why these things are coming up, but yesterday I watched a video, I really don't know why (for any info on there relevant, I already knew), but as I watched it - I realized I had read the high points earlier that day. But I awoke this morning and realized that I'm not sure I read it, in the natural. So why would I heard (read) these things via spirit??? I still have NO Idea, so here is the video - maybe it is for some reader, or else He will put it together later.

I also awoke with something about weather. Then I saw a person - well something like a person, with a nose VERY big but twisted / turned over a few times (yet was as though it grew that way) and they were on their side. I have seen this image before, or like it (though not on their side). Odd.  Then right after that there was something about: the things (products etc) people use, personally in their homes.  So then I wondered: does all this have to do with peoples lifestyle? As the church goes, so goes the nation / righteousness exalts a nation but the sin therein is a disgrace to all. So ??? (not really sure) But I could be seeing that even what takes place with weather (man made or not) ALL has to do with christianity again, and their lifestyles, but getting more nitty gritty with things they use, and this spirit behind it, the rest of the nation has picked up and used their way.

I really don't know - odd things these past days.

Here is the video of the things I thought I read. Again, I don't know right now, WHY I read these things via spirit prior to seeing this, and only after listening a bit did I then realized I already read this, just this same day.  But didn't.  LOL, I need Fire By Night around, lol. I seem to not be able to see/translate too well, just what I walk through or why, I simply walk. There has to be some spiritual significance here.


Paused  for just a minute - contemplating....

Just had a short vision/seeing:
  I saw glasses (MANY/LOTS of clear drinking glasses of different shapes and sizes)  that had been all turned upside down, now all turned right side up.
(people turn their fine glasses upside down to keep dust out of them - when they are sitting for awhile, not in regular use). --- something with timing??? and Now is the time. ???
For me personally, alls I say to myself is: Drink deeply. Let me drink all I am suppose to Father. (but thats far TOO many for just one person, there was many many of these glasses.)

All this could simply be saying: everything I walked through since  ?? heaven knows when, is NOW coming to light for all. I use the basis as 27-30 years ago, but lately I have been reminded of things from the early 70s I walked through - that is yet to be seen or shown forth to the many openly -- or why I experienced what I did then.

I wonder.... the other week / day, someone in spirit said:  (don't recall the exact words) but something like, "it will be a good one"  (this is on the site).  I guess I might know what that is. That, I will not speak about, God has His reasons for allowing things, and I walked through that one in the early 70, just a youngen then, around 20 yrs old and no open knowledge (from man or confirmations/understandings of my life) of spiritual things.

So maybe all this goes together with whats coming outwardly for people to walk through.
But remember - with anything that comes - GOD is also doing something - look behind the scenes to get to the real reason.

Just finishing up here on the page and had another vision/seeing. Green fields with NO disturbance, Oh how nice. I did sense yesterday a contentment, like now I can rest (spiritually, internally speaking). For I can feel things internal that things like blood pressure reveal.  Maybe this part of my life is now over with, and will get handed to others. Good! Hope they have fun, for it seems to be including much of it.

Green fields / quiet pastures, here we come. (not that we haven't had them, but to finally be able to pass the batton all the way, so to speak, IS great.) Trading Places - their turn. And usally when things come together (get all wrapped up), as they just did, it is a done deal for my part and ready to move on to whats next.

(though I can't say when these things will come, to be experienced for the many, I reckon it won't be too long from now. Or else someone else has taken hold until it does come forth - that would be a new one.)


July 15 2011 - Interesting
Neumayer Station Antarctica Personal witness BROWN Dwarf and Nibiru over SKYS! 7/14/11

We had some things we were to do today (to lasso them in) - odd, we followed, then passed, a semi called SKYS. I just noticed that. So I don't think today was just random - nor this post.

Here is the link to the webcams.

** 2nd cam:  View from the communications radom to the north side of the base.


July 15 2011 - Health

  Even though most don't really want to know - thats ok - but for the few who do, yet have no clue where to go except to God -here is a starter - you do the rest.

Keep up your health in these days of transition - Americans don't eat enough Kelp, Irish Moss etc. See your herbalist, Dr etc.. Because stuff affects the thyroid - there are a common 3 to take. But Remember - God IS our Keeper - No Joke, I saw years ago this land ... and yet there were people that the stuff never effected. Maybe prayer either has or will change that outcome for this land - but either way - The Most High is over all. I just pray the people do what they need to do, so things like what could be - are just in the spiritual realm (a reality) and never have to manifest openly.

Interesting Link for health sake.

Energy News -



ENE news - Nowhere to Run: Hot radioactive particles in Seattle

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