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The earth vents - it fumes...  So does God

July 31 2011

Updates to the below
7/31/2011 -- ALERT ! California Pisgah Volcanic venting -- FINALLY captured ON CAMERA

Here is the link/ youtube video spoken of:
The timer thing at about 4:24 / about half way through, is where it shows the area of the plume.
This is funny - we have been going through desert lands for 18 or so years now and I Never knew why rocks were dark, lol. Thats where lava flowed over them. I thought the sun got to them in some manner.
If these blow - I hope they make good gems and not weird geodes. Fine gems would be nice.
Pisgah Crater Plume Chasers

I don't know who this is / if this is real - but it is interesting. Will have to check out.
New Geysers in California?

July 31 2011

7/31/2011 -- NEED VERIFICATION !! California north into Oregon, POSSIBLE large scale venting

Remarks this person made: Click youtube (RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE ABOVE VIDEO) to read more:

Today.. July 31, 2011 --- We see Devils Garden Volcanic fields, Secret Springs mountain California, Goosenest California, Mahogany Mountains Nevada (just west of the mountains) .. and Ashland Oregon ..... all showing signs of suspicious pluming .. and ALL direct volcano sites !

I consider this urgent , and this needs fellow researcher review asap.

While in the process of investigating the report of another plume in north California, this time I was looking at an event documented with VISIBLE SATELLITE and also SEISMIC CHARTS... I have noticed and VERIFIED several of these "cloud formations" are coming from direct volcanic areas.. i.e.. the cloud originate FROM crater areas .....In the area of North California into Central Oregon, Youtube user 405bartlett captured this plume in Oregon !

here is their channel:

here is their plume video:
Here is the link mentioned above
 Crater Mountain, California and Ashland, Oregon 7-30-2011

Here is a  youtube user Ouijenette who went up to Pisgah crater: notice the white substand on the rock.. those are fresh volcanic vents!
On top of the Pisgah Crater in the Mojave Desert in Southern California in the San Bernardino County

I had to LOL, the wife (below) was freaking out, lol.  But the rock in that area - has the same smooth weird look as some geodes we got from the Mojave Desert. They were the Strangest ones we have ever seen. They imploded.
Pisgah Crater VENT HOLE, Mojave Desert, Southern California, San Bernardino County, July 29, 2011

Another person caught it in Calif. also.

July 24 2011


7/23/2011 -- Volcanic "event" in southern CA -- Pisgah Cratre -- Bullion Mountains

video of skies / land in the area during the event

7/24/2011 -- California Pisgah volcanic "event" -- full recap -- LINKS BELOW

here is video from last night California skyline facing the crater area ...

Some have said this might be "smog" or a "storm blowing up".. well.. its NOT smog, we can for sure rule that one out, and its NOT a storm.. check cloud cover satellite view to prove this, all links are below.

Pisgah Volcano, near Barstow, California. Found it on the EYX (edwards AFB california nexrad RADAR... station EYX)

first eruption video I shot yesterday july 23, 2011

second volcano eruption video I did yesterday, july 23, 2011 :

third volcanic eruption video I did yesterday July 23, 2011 :

Pisgah volcano crater area hasn't erupted for 2,000 years. All about Pisgah here

pictures of the crater area here:

coordinates of the plume:
34 34 0 N , 116 17 26 W

california seismograms:

RADAR links: ...
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