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La Oveja Perdida



Ever wanted to help those who have been called to the mission field but weren't sure which ones to help out with prayer and financial support?

We have the solution!

Missions has created a great page you all should check out!!!

The page was created to help people find and learn about Christian missionaries serving outside of their native country as well as to encourage missionaries to blog and share information with other missionaries. The page gives the

Name  -  City/State  -  Country  -  Website  -  Blog of each Missionary.

Please check them out - FANTASTIC Groups!!!

The Missions Map is great. We use to have a full sized map of the world up on a wall in the house with push pins in it - linking all the missionaries. It was a joy to be apart of a team. You do know - when you give - it's not just money. You are actaully part of what goes on. With out your support, many of these missions would close and the missionaries would be back here in America.

Population Clocks
U.S. 304,498,718
World 6,707,442,988
01:26 GMT (EST+5) Jul 03, 2008

We still need missionaries here in America - but with all the media we have and have had in the past years, a good share of the people have heard the Gospel.

You should be able to see the amount of people that don't live In America and MOST of them have not heard the Gospel Message.... YET

Most Americans have been blessed with MORE than they actually need - while a good share of the rest of the world lives and have lived in poverty. It doesn't take much - if even 1,000 people would give $1.00 a month - you don't know how appreciated it would be to most.

I do know - one day when we get to heaven - we will be surprised at those who come to meet us. Those we have never seen - but were reached because of our prayers and support.



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