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Here is what the Lord says:

You are a Peace Guide, there are other guides that others use through channeling,
which are other ways and means.

But you are a Peace Guide; one showing THEE Way to a higher walk,
a higher way (Thee Highway), wherein TRUE peace attends.

Many think they are in true peace and do not yet realize they are not. 

The Lord said to one about us:
“We (husband and wife) turn back the battle at the gate.

Therefor if anyone comes near at that point and time (of a battle) and stand in the way:
they may either spiritually get clobbered – (IF you stand in the way and don’t move);
or feel offended; or pick up the intensity of the battle which is not against them.
These things should be understood about you (us).
This is your (our) job (part of it). 

Dream 12/1/07

A woman (but really many, both male and female ) came to our home and said they wanted to talk. They said, “Did we know that people could get to our web site two different ways – through: mhgservants or http://mhgservants.com

(which they call mhgservants.com.)?”
We here just looked at them and said, “So (like where are you going with this, what’s it for)?”

Not understanding we said, “Yes, both go to the same web site, they are both the same.”This person visibly upset said. “No they are not the same, yes you go to the same web site with the same pages BUT when you type these two mhgservants in the different ways different pages come up for entering. Type in one and nice pages come up and type in the other and pages that expose come up.” They said, “Don’t you understand that’s why people don’t like you.”
We here looked at each other showing that we didn’t understand what this person was talking about. They then said, “You have a nice side to you and another side that exposes people – just like your web site.”
We still looked bewildered at this person.

Then this person said, “May I ask you 2 questions?”
We nodded yes.

This person said, “You’ve been bought with a price —- right?”
We said, “Yes”- thinking this to be one of the questions.

Then they said, “So your life is not your own –
you can’t do what ever you want to do?”

We said, “Right”, not knowing where this was going.

Then they said, “And the money you have isn’t anyones –
it’s His -right?”
We said, “Yes that’s right.”

This person said. “Don’t you get it? By you living that way, you expose others, just like your website does. You’ve got a nice side to you but you expose by the way you live.”



My Comments:

It appears that some people are seeing spiritually. Shown by the 2 ways to get into MHGservants. All the above is true and I reckon that about others maybe also.

My only question – if this is true – is:
It matters not to us how others live, we live this way because we see according to the Scriptures, we are to and feel we have been directed so by the Holy Spirit.
NOW my question, (for this has come up other times in differing circumstances)  – is:
Why does it bother others??? How we live??? If they are peace within themselves, then how another lives should not affect them. But if this exposure (as this persons dream showed it as), IS conviction – then that really is between them and God. NOT US.

Why are we always put in the middle of things because we live what we believe.
Question: What if we all found out that evolution took it’s place also in the Word and that as the first and early church was instructed, was really not for today?

That would mean we didn’t have to live this way. Would we continue as such?  Most likely, until the Spirit revealed with a sure word, what we were to do and how we were to live.
Now the shoe would be on the other foot – so to speak.
But it still changes things not!!  And we would not feel as if we were being exposed as doing something wrong.

Why can’t people just be free to be who they are meant to be???

And unite in love?

IF we were found to be wrong and the Scriptures are not as they were, then we would not feel guilty, people have a right to make mistakes, it is from these that we are to learn.
We just could not change until the Holy Spirit showed us the direction so as to rectify it rightly. and make that change.  It should be, so to with others.

4.) I will share this. I have walked 3 sessions of 17 years. strange, but i woke up this morning 12/28/07 with this. this ended in 06. Which is when we were to start the site MHGservants. and the kids had just given us a computer a month earlier. So things repeat each of these 17 year sessions. (He for one called it – enlarging the tent : natural family – body of Christ – usa : now he has said international which is the website.) Don’t know why all He showed that, I have too much to get up today, He will reveal if He so pleases. 


This dream was actually 4/29/07
In this dream I was laying down resting very peacefully.
A man said “JOB” (the mans name). I woke straight way up.
He showed me scripture, then, that which represented me – with 7 lion heads.
This went up under his picture that represented him and he had 7 lion heads beside his picture also.
Our pictures were not really of us but like avatars (though looked like real lions). His was of a lions head, mine was of a pink lions head.

(Got any revelation on this, you are free to share – email is under the WELCOME section)

I pray my Job experience is over!!! Been 23-24 years now. 

We have other duties we operate in but I don’t believe it is necessary to put that here.

Jeremiah 6:27 NAS

“I have made you an assayer and a tester among My people,That you may know and assay their way.” 

We live in the mountains, have no mail delivery (doesn’t exist), are use to internet, TV and electricity going out.
(right on the edge (boundary) of not receiving any DSL service).

Here, we at Josephland do chainsaw art – All kinds; make Jewelry, a little painting etc.(what we are directed at the time to do), and we use to have a small campground – now for friends and family.
No electric heat, chop trees and wood for fire.
Simple Simple Simple
🙁 No wood burning cook-stove.

We watch the deer, turkeys and elk roam freely.

Many who have visited us or come here for bears etc. have said: We were born in the wrong era. We do have internet as of 4 years ago (2010), so we aren’t so behind the times.
We live in the world, we just aren’t a part of it.

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My husband – (Now past on) spent many years in repairs (of all kind) working for the elderly. Most of the time they paid for the materials and gas – labor was free. But to see the Joy on the faces and hearts of these who could have never afforded the work to be done. And some received payment from elsewhere for the materials. Porches, roofs etc. etc.It was so sweet – many just had small jobs but wanted to see him again – so they would call for work to be done, really for the fellowship. I helped him for awhile with this. Home schooled the children after that along with putting out a newsletter.

His earlier work was at Rockwell,

and Coe Shepherd a body(Church) along with having a Ministry house and much more.

I find this whole thing of, About Us, is very strange.
For it is obvious that most can not discern who is who anymore, 

so we have been directed to put this page up (though I feel/felt it very odd to do so).

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And that you don’t sell it, freely you have received, freely give.