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American Christianity is not what it appears. We are in a time where people in general want to be set free from that which hides within, which others rarely see, or some outward quirk that is merely expressing itself on the outward: for in this we see that which is within is fighting to be freed without. It is truth that sets people free. We see today as never before that people are not only willing, but are standing up in front of a whole nation or nations (via television or the internet) being themselves, and are ready and wanting to find out who they really are, and what’s their downfalls, and the changes they are in need of to become their true self.

This journey of ones self becomes quite tainted when that which one believes is truth, is perverted. Ones goal, vision and even the true ability you have gets laid aside because of lies believed to be real and true. Hence American Christians as a whole are stunted in their journey, even led astray, without the ability to really discover, for they think they have it; [ I am not speaking of those who are seeking truth not according to the dictates of man ] for they do have it in part, but have been slipped a few mickies which has caused most of them to fall asleep. They have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof (2 Tim.3:5), which is to transform them – really – to have the ability to grow up in Christ and become the variable working part of the body they were meant to be. The Scriptures need to be seen as they really are; for they will come forth before your eyes.

As an American Christian, have you become religious as in the sense of Pharisees, or are you a seeker and are truly seeking the purposes and plans of the Most High God for yourself; Seeking Him, yet you first must have a good foundation.

Remember, when Jesus was born, it was the stargazers (New Agers) though they read and knew of scriptures and His prophecies, who found Jesus before the religious of its day did. They were late but they did find Him.

Proverbs. 14:34 –
Righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God – moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation) elevates (exalt) a nation, but sin is a reproach (disgrace) to any people (all).

It is not the Bible that has the problem for it is the infallible Word

v. of God. Nor is it the unbelievers fault for the judgments, from God, that are knocking on Americas door, 911 was just a warning! It is American Christians fault. They as a whole have settled for less than best and bought a lie. It has not produced righteousness. Here-in we will LIGHTLY, again I say LIGHTLY, cover truths untold which have lead to false beliefs. For without a vision the people perish and the eagle stands ready. Now in and through this, we will let the scriptures interpret itself! Remember, all herein is simple basic fundamental truth. As you read on, and these fundamental, foundational truths are exposed, take a look at the world at large and you will find and see plainly that they have a desire for His truths in the way they can, though they know it not; the very truths that Christiandom in America has left lay as naught. They dropped the ball so to speak and the world has tried to pick it up. For all creation groans for the manifestation of the Sons of God, so they be set free.
Selah – ( pause and think about it) – even this far – without a word yet really spoken.
I am sure most of you have heard one time or another that we are in the time-frame of the Laodicean church -though as an individual personal walk – you may be living in another, as a whole this is that time period (Rev. 1:20 -3:22). Laodicean – the Lukewarm Church – neither hot nor cold.
Rev. 3:16 –
So because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of My mouth.
People will reap what they’ve sown. American Christianity needs to repent for its pride and arrogance. (Math.21:49, Luke 20:18). Fall on the rock and be broken or the rock may fall on you and scatter you like dust. ( or the rock will fall on you and crush you to pieces.)
May I share a secret with you Christian, there be many, who are, what appear to be, in the world and carry not the title`Christian; for they have been led to believe by Christian example and Christian thinking that Jesus and God be what you all as a whole have portrayed and have rejected religion (man made) and it’s false god you portray as the Most High God. From this standpoint they have sought for Truth, Reality, and Integrity.
A persons life and experiences often leads one to quander about God and Jesus. To be touched by an overwhelming love so pure and free, this happened to me. Usually after life’s experiences, an explanation to my minds understanding came. How did it all fit in with the Scriptures if these scriptures were true? I grew up being
trained by American Christians belief. My head in part believed them but me inside took another path. Then age caught
up with me (my 20’s), and some of the experiences encountered, even with Christians, made me to continue on in the path I chose at an early age. My soul finally got its salvation! I kept my mind set on the fact that if God really did exist and Jesus truly was who He claimed He was, then life, its meaning, and mans ways, with an intelligible mind could all be explained and understood through the Biblical scriptures. No making excuses for scripture I didn’t understand or claiming they said something without proof (scriptural and experiential ).If this all was true then the Spirit would reveal, even through the written Word. This HE did and has never stopped, as long as I keep true to His Word not just in thought but also in deed, no matter what other Christians said. For man has been given a mind and will to make ones own choosing, yet if seen in the light of True Reality, all is very well understood and by standing in the light of Truth, one then has choices as to how whole in spirit, soul, and body, he wants to be; how much change he wants and how much in denial he chooses to live. For if there is a truth you do not want to see, because of the cost of change, that’s ones own choice, but how can you understand something, say x, when you must first understand the values that add up to x. Don’t ask a baby or a two-year-old an important math question and then believe them. Most claiming Christians, if they really are, are still in their infant years, or have stopped somewhere along the line. It appears they believe that just because the majority of them have in the past, chosen not to be uncompromisingly righteous, they think no-one has, and they make a new standard other than the risen Christ and His Word. Now to all you who chose another way, how have you treated those who are uncompromisingly righteous? For you chose a lie and therefore have hated the truth – even those uncompromising ones, for they bear the mark.
I have found thus far, that the scriptures don’t lie, it is man who
chooses not to line up with the truth and instead chooses to create in their mind, their own reality.
Just because much of Christianity has adopted strange doctrine, or those who call themselves Christians, live by another standard than that which they preach, has NO bearing on who Christ is or who God is. Many can talk the walk (basically) but there is no substance of walking in it. The next chapter and that which follows, especially through chapter 4, is a tilling of and freshly fertilizing the ground; most necessary for any further seeds to take hold

rightly, especially for Christians who somehow thought they be in a good place though they themselves know they have been compromising ones.
Some Christians know far too well that God has wanted to take them into being Truly upright in His sight and into being a part of the manifestation of the sons of God, Mature Ones. But how be it that 20+ years ago there were many at that same place and some never gave up or quit and ye see not! Yet now is this time and you believe no one is there? I pray your thinking be not stinking and be as Babylon, thinking all have compromised righteousness. For you He has said, and is being fulfilled, “I will lead the blind in a path they know not, and they will see.” Because you either now see or will see, does this make you there or do you now qualify as being Truly Righteous because your head sees it? Knowledge about, doesn’t constitute true reality within!
Put another way, positional Christianity is not experiential Christianity. The first is of the head, the soul realm and the latter is of the heart, and ones life that has walked the talk.