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Did you know the Bible says:  that all will be salted with fire?
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Salvation is like a two sided coin . . .one says SAVED . . . the other says TO DIE – Pick up your Cross Daily

A One Of A Kind Interactive Book You Won’t Want To Miss

Bringing Seekers And Wanderers To The Truth And into Unity  And Understanding To These Present Days

Jesus (Yahshua) sanctified himself, that we too may be sanctified in Truth

Let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth (true reality not the appearance of)


The Philadelphia Church United = Yahshuas’ Love walkers who walk in love of the Truth. Come join us as we move into the way which has not been seen since the early ecclesia

Prophetic insight through overcoming.


Understanding Gods Ways:

Sound Doctrine
Biblical Prophetic words with Kingdom Of God revelations, Apostolic truths and Gods Judgments Find out the Truth!

Learn how one can stay above His judgments.

This New eBook GLOBAL AWAKENING will provide the answer and many more

30, 60, 100 fold Ecclesia – where do YOU stand

Does your lifestyle witness to your unbelief?

Biblical Truths revealed and untold to most Americans. See for yourself!

THIS IS NOT YOUR RUN OF THE MILL RELIGIOUS WEB SITE   This informative website is provided for the Edification, Rebuke, Correction, Building, Prayer, Discernment,Growth and Encouragement for the Worldwide(Global) Saints in Yahshua, The Body of Jesus Christ (Yahshua) for which Jesus Christ (Yahshua) Himself is the Head. It is also intended for all seekers of truth – it is not our intent to make you feel bad in any way, but to come to the truth. Please remember, if this site in anyway offends you, we understand the google search engine(most likely many more now)alone has over 8 billion web pages, you are welcome to read something else.    DISCLAIMERS BELOW


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